04/05/2012 09:18 am ET Updated Apr 05, 2012

David Gregory On 'Tonight Show': 'Meet The Press' Host Impersonates GOP Candidates' Demands At Debates (VIDEO)

"Meet The Press" host David Gregory stopped by the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" to talk politics and the 2012 Republican primary Wednesday night.

When Leno asked Gregory about his experience moderating a Republican primary debate for NBC News, Gregory mocked the insane amount of debates in which the GOP candidates have participated. "Well there's only been about three, four hundred of these presidential debates so it was really special to be able to do one," he joked. Gregory said he did get to see a behind-the-scenes look at all the candidates and revealed some of their demands during debate commercial breaks. Gregory said that the candidates left their podiums during breaks and headed straight to his desk.

"Everybody's got their thing they want to tell you," he said. "So Rick Santorum, he looks a little stressed out and he said, 'You know David you didn't come back to me on the medicare...I want to be able to respond about the medicare so I can talk about the Ryan plan."

Gregory also said that GOP candidate Newt Gingrich, "after he attacks the press," walked over to Gregory and demanded more questions. "You know I only got one question," Gregory said, speaking as Gingrich. "I should get two questions every segment."

Gregory then contrasted the previous responses with that of former GOP candidate Rick Perry. He said, "Perry will just walk over and say, 'Gregory, this is great! I'm having a great time!'" Gregory whipped out a strong southern drawl and continued impersonating Perry. "He just kept checking his blackberry wondering, 'What time is my flight going to go?'"

Watch the first part of the interview where Gregory whips out his impersonations above, and the second segment below.


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