04/05/2012 06:34 pm ET

Donna Stevens Finds Check Blown 170 Miles From Henryville, Indiana, To Grove City, Ohio

Donna Stevens from Grove City, Ohio, was walking her dog this week when she made an incredible discovery, 10TV News reports.

There, lying on the sidewalk, Stevens found a check -- made out to cash from Paul and Patricia Walden.

According to the Associated Press, this is the third check belonging to the Waldens that has been found in Ohio in recent weeks -- and they've been creating quite a stir.

No, the Waldens are neither famous nor is the monetary worth of the checks significant (the check Stevens found was for $10), but what is amazing about them is that each of the checks is around 30 years old and all of them originated in Henryville, Indiana -- more than 100 miles away, The Indy Channel reports.

Stevens believes that the check must have been carried 160 miles to Grove City by the tornadoes that swept through Henryville last month.

"A light switch kind of came on in my head, and I remembered there had been a horrible tornado there," Stevens told

The check, which is signed by Patricia Walden and clearly legible, has Stevens itching to follow the paper trail to its source.

Her cousin did a Web search for the Waldens and confirmed that the couple lives -- or lived -- in Henryville.

Two other Ohio families recently found checks belonging to the Waldens -- one in Jamestown from 1980 and one outside Cincinnati from 1984, reports.

Stevens said she hopes the mystery will be solved soon and that the Waldens will be found.

"I was hoping that maybe somehow, maybe someone would see a story or something and know something about this or have found other items from this family," she told 10TV.