04/05/2012 04:41 pm ET

Eva Longoria On The End Of 'Desperate Housewives' (VIDEO)

As the the May 13 series finale of "Desperate Housewives" gets closer and closer, the cast is beginning to reflect on the series that consumed their lives for the past 8 seasons. Eva Longoria sat down for an interview with Katie Couric on "Good Morning America" (weekdays, 7 a.m. ET on ABC) and talked about the show's legacy and her fondest memories from Wisteria Lane.

"I remember just the entire Latino community [her character] embracing Gaby and Carlos and going, 'They're affluent, and they don't speak with an accent, and they are educated, and they're living the American dream.' So that was really great to be that role model in television," she said.

When Couric asked her what she'll miss most about the show, Longoria pointed to the on-set camaraderie. "The girls, and the crew. We'll never have this dynamic again, I know it, we'll never have this perfect chemistry ... It was just great to go to work every day."

Longoria's next TV moves are taking her behind the camera, as she's a co-executive producer on "Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry's new drama "Devious Maids." She's also the producer of a new NBC dating show tentatively titled "All About Love."

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