04/05/2012 01:13 pm ET Updated Apr 05, 2012

Hollywood Frenemies Round 2: The New Guy (VIDEO)

Hollywood's douchiest agents are at it again in "Frenemies - Round 2, New Guy" the second video in a webseries about two industry insiders and their competitive friendship.

Writers Brian Henderson and Enver Gjokaj star as "assh*le" and "d*ckhead" agents Rick and Todd. The two square off over who gets to take the office's newest employee out to lunch -- despite not knowing his name, what he likes to eat, or anything else about him.

"I was just going to go to sushi with, uh.. " Gjokaj trails off.

"Really, sushi? Because I was going to go get steaks with, uh..." responds Henderson. The brinksmanship escalates into traded barbs about weight and body type (a very touchy subject in Hollywood), lies about high school athletic achievements and ends in a wrestling match on the floor.

Like their first film, "Frenemies - Round 1: Power Lunch" the video closes with another foodie face-off, this time about a brand new sushi restaurant hidden behind another sushi restaurant. Jonathan Gold would be proud.

h/t Deadline, who notes that Henderson managed to land an agent after the site wrote up the first film.