04/05/2012 07:49 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Is This What 'Google Glasses' Will Be Like In Real Life? (VIDEO)

Google on Wednesday released a conceptual video showing what it might be like to wear so-called "Google Glasses," augmented reality spectacles that the Web giant has been developing in its secretive Google(x) lab.

Jonathan McIntosh, a self-described "Pop Culture Hacker" who (fairly) describes Google as "a massive advertising company at heart" (96 percent of Google's $37.9 billion in revenue in 2011 came from advertising), remixed Google's video to show his version of the "Google Glasses" experience.

Subway closed? An ad for a car leasing website pops up. Looking up walking directions? Two advertisements for sneakers flank the screen. Pouring yourself a cup of coffee? A Google Offer for Starbucks as well as ads for Keurig and Starbucks Via instant coffee appear.

McIntosh calls this his "slightly more realistic version of Google's ADmented Reality glasses - now with Google Ads!"

There's no arguing that nearly everything Google does is in the name of advertising. While the glasses run on Android, the company's mobile platform, McIntosh's video, does not reflect the Android experience as we know it, as many of the ads he superimposes are from the desktop versions of Search and YouTube.

After all, Android users aren't (yet?) served ads while talking on the phone, listening to music or texting.

(The video sort of reminds us of The Onion's video about Automated Whispered Advertising, voice-activated advertising on the "Google Phone.")

None of this is to say that McIntosh's commentary is unfounded or even that far-off. Google is closely associated with advertising for good reason. After all, the company earlier this year overhauled its privacy policy, and while Google said the revamp was the name of "a beautifully simple, intuitive user experience across Google," it certainly seems like an easier way for the company to collect a more complete portfolio of your data to use in targeting advertising.

In the end, it can pretty much be guaranteed that when the specs become available, they'll incorporate advertising and use your data in some way. But hopefully, it won't look like this.

Watch the parody of Google's Project Glass (above), and check out the real video (below). Scroll further down to take a look at photos of the prototype, teased by Google yesterday. (Click here to read more about Project Glass.)

Project Glass

[Via The Atlantic Wire.]