04/05/2012 04:35 pm ET Updated Apr 06, 2012

'Savages' Trailer: Blake Lively Hooks Up With Taylor Kitsch And Aaron Johnson (VIDEO)

In the brand new "Savages" trailer, Blake Lively not only hooks up with "Kick-Ass" star Aaron Johnson, but also Taylor Kitsch, Johnson's onscreen best friend and partner-in-pot-dealing-crime. The best part? They both know about it!

If this movie wasn't also about Lively getting kidnapped and brutally held hostage by a drug cartel, then we would have said that she was one lucky girl.

It's not everyday you meet two pot dealers willing to go to war with Salma Hayek and Benicio del Toro. And did we mention that Kitsch stabs John Travolta in the process? He's seriously not messing around when it comes to his lady friend. After "John Carter's" major box office fail, it's not like Kitsch can afford to mess around either.

Oh, and Johnson's dreads aren't messing around either.

Directed by Oliver Stone, "Savages" arrives in theaters on July 6. It's based on the pulp crime novel by Don Winslow. Watch the trailer above.

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