04/05/2012 08:26 am ET Updated Jun 05, 2012

The World's Best Cities For Street Food

Istanbul, Turkey
Turkish doner kebabs can be found in nearly every city in Europe. But Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, offers many other types of quick foods. Specialty kiosks scattered throughout the city hawk börek (flaky pastry), simit (ring-shaped sesame bread similar to a pretzel) and kumpir (baked potatoes stuffed with anything from ketchup and pickles to olives and sausage).

Chicago, Illinois
Chicago's street food is only semi-legal, since cooking isn't allowed on carts and trucks, but that hasn't deterred operations like Gaztro-Wagon (naan-wich), the Meatyballs Mobile (meatballs) and the Southern Mac (mac and cheese) from launching trucks that assemble cooked ingredients.

(Photo: william.neuheisel/Flickr)

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