04/05/2012 12:49 pm ET Updated Apr 05, 2012

Tom Schaar, 12, Sets Skateboarding Record And More Kid Record Holders (VIDEOS)

It's not everyday that a legend tweets about a 12-year-old. But, when skateboarder Tom Shaar, became the first and only person of any age to land a 1080, Tony Hawk told all of his fans about it immediately.

According to The, Shaar "nailed the trick on his fifth try" and said afterward, "I'm pretty stoked."

While watching his risky and mind-blowing move, we had two questions: 1. How would it feel to be that boy's mother while he flipped through the air? and 2. Who else among the under 18 set has broken a massive record?

Below, see Tom's trick and six more young record-holders who dreamed big and accomplished the seemingly impossible. You won't want to miss the kid who put on 215 pairs of underwear AT ONE TIME. Know of other amazing children? Tweet their accomplishments to us @HuffPostParents or leave a note in the comments.