04/06/2012 11:55 am ET Updated Apr 06, 2012

Bags Of Dead Animals Found Along Westchester's Hutchinson River Parkway (VIDEO)

The bodies of 30 dead animals were discovered along the Hutchinson River Parkway in Westchester.

Transportation officials found the disturbing remains of cats, dogs, and one lizard around 9AM Thursday morning. Investigators believe the garbage bags were most likely dropped off at different times.

Sergeant Edward Reich told Patch, "It could have been anywhere from up to a year to today. Some had been in that location for a long time because they already had over brush. It's hard to tell if they were thrown from a moving car, it looks like they were placed there."

The bodies were in various stages of decomposition, but the cause of death and length of time the bags had been there have not been determined.

In February, 23 dogs living in a Brooklyn home without running heat, water, or electricity were rescued by the ASPCA and Animal Care and Control after being tipped off my neighbors.

Similarly, 20 cats in New Jersey were killed in a fire of an alleged hoarder back in December.

UPDATE: Patch is reporting that the animals appear to have been euthanized properly:

Police say necropsies of some of the animals indicate a professional had euthanized the animals before they were dumped near an entrance ramp to the parkway.

"It appears that—at least the ones that we had the necropsies done—that those animals were euthanized in an appropriate manner," said Captain Thomas Gleason of the Westchester County Police. "That's kind of what we are thinking right now, that they were euthanized in an appropriate manner but then, unfortunately, the disposal process went awry."

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