04/06/2012 03:22 pm ET

Jay-Z vs. Flight Of The Conchords: Mashup Of 'Hola' Hovito' And 'Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)' (VIDEO)

The last time Jay-Z joined with another powerful force or nature, the world got Blue Ivy. This time, we get a wonderful mashup of Jay's song "Hola' Hovito" and Flight of the Conchords' "The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)."

Jay-Z's songs seem to be tailor made for mashups -- his raps have been added to music from The Beatles, Linkin Park, Radiohead and not to mention seemingly every other track on any given Girl Talk album. But this is the first time we can remember a comedy tune accompanying a Jay-Z flow.

The Jay rap comes from a track off his landmark 2001 album "The Blueprint," and the Flight of the Conchords song is from Bret McKenzie's pre-Oscars days, back when he had a humble HBO show with partner Jemaine Clement.

(via The A.V. Club)