04/06/2012 09:58 am ET Updated Apr 06, 2012

Passover And Easter In New York: How Do You Celebrate?

Whether you celebrate Passover or Easter, one thing is certain -- you will be eating this weekend. Some of you will dye eggs, others will dip parsley into salt water. Or maybe will eat leftover Chinese while watching Valhalla Rising on Netflix.

Whatever your preference, tell us how you celebrate! We know you have taken, or will take, many a pictures of food or activities from Passover or Easter. So whether you're dressing up like a bunny and drinking chocolate martinis (that's a thing, right?), at grandma's in Scarsdale or at Easter Brunch at Wallsé, show us how you celebrate, below. (Need more ideas? Forbes has a pretty good round up of places to eat).