04/06/2012 06:17 am ET Updated Apr 06, 2012

'Scandal' Premiere: A Military Murder, Presidential Connection And A Crime Unsolved (VIDEO)

Shonda Rhimes stepped away from the operating table and into the political arena with her latest escapist drama "Scandal" (Thu., 10 p.m. ET on ABC). While it may not win any awards for authenticity or realism, Wetpaint is ready to declare that Rhimes "has done it again."

The story centers on Olivia Pope, representing the newest member of the "gladiators in suits." As the novice, offered the job in this premiere, Pope will be the fresh eyes through which the audience will come to understand this fast-paced world of fixes, problem solvers, crisis managers. Really, whatever the situation calls for. So this isn't a legal show, per se.

In a unique twist, the case of the week wasn't solved, but that didn't matter. What matters was that the client's problem was solved. Oh, and it was revealed that Olivia Pope, who runs this whole operation, has history with the president of the United States. History as in Shonda Rhimes sexy-time history.

The "Scandal" continues to unfold Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. In the meantime, check out HuffPost TV critric Maureen Ryan's take on the new drama here.

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