04/06/2012 04:12 pm ET Updated Apr 06, 2012

Tina Fey On What To Avoid In Chicago (VIDEO)

Former Chicago resident Tina Fey has been known to praise the Windy City, whether on her show, "30 Rock," in her recent memoir "Bossypants" or in an ongoing NBC video blog series where she answers reader questions.

In a recent installment, an incoming University of Chicago student posed the question, "What should I avoid while I'm in Chicago?", and Fey rattled off her warnings. (See the video above.)

"My advice to you about Chicago is: Chicago is a real city," Fey says on tape. "Manhattan is like Epcot center. Chicago is a no-joke city."

Joking about the city's high crime rate, the Second City veteran advises the student to stay downtown.

"Don't ever go more than 20 feet away from a Cheesecake Factory. Think of Cheesecake Factory and the Water Tower Place as base, and I don't ever want you more than four blocks away from that."

Fey opens and closes the video gushing about why she loves Chicago, so we'll forgive the jabs.

What do you think Chicago newcomers should avoid?