Extreme Weather Of The Week (PHOTOS)

This week saw extreme weather around the world, but Texas was particularly hard hit in the U.S. Officials estimated that between six and 12 tornadoes hit North Texas on Tuesday, reported the Associated Press.

By Wednesday, residents began assessing the damage done by the intense storms. According to AP, no fatalities and "only a handful" of injuries were reported by late Tuesday. The Red Cross estimated that around 650 homes were damaged by the storms that hit the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

Some of the most striking images from the Texas twisters included videos of big-rig trucks that were tossed effortlessly by the tornadoes. Life's Little Mysteries explains how the storms were able to move such large objects.

In other Texas weather news, the National Weather Service warned this week that the drought relief brought by a wet winter won't necessarily last. AP reported that an "unusually wet winter" is "no guarantee that bone-dry conditions won't return to Texas later this year."

An avalanche near a Pakistani military complex buried over 135 people this weekend. Despite rescue efforts, no survivors had been found after over 12 hours.

HuffPost's Cara Santa Maria looked at earthquake preparedness this week and when the next "big one" could hit the U.S.

Below, check out some of the week's wildest weather photos from around the world.