04/09/2012 06:23 pm ET

Essex Fashion Week Crams Lots Of Spray Tan Into One Day (PHOTOS)

You may not have realized it, what with Passover and Easter and other festivities abounding this weekend, but there was yet another Fashion Week being staged right under our noses: Essex Fashion Week.

The fashionable folks of Essex, England, staged their very own style fest on Sunday, calling the day-long festival Essex Fashion Week and cramming an extended fashion show, live performances, a red carpet and an after-party into just a few hours.

Of course, this is what Essex is made for. Often referred to as the Jersey Shore of England, Essex is home to Amy Childs, who rose to UK fame for her starring role in the reality show, "The Only Way Is Essex" (unsurprisingly often referred to as the "Jersey Shore" of British TV).

So with reality fame strapped under her belt -- er, bandage dress -- and her stilettos planted firmly on the red-carpeted ground, Childs used Essex Fashion Day Week to show off her new fashion collection. The 21-year-old hit the runway with the models to showcase, among other things, a sparkling romper, a yellow cutout dress and a see-through graphic tee.

The event was replete with reality stars, like Childs' "The Only Way Is Essex" co-stars Jessica Wright and Harry Derbidge. Then again, the fashion show audience could have been filled with just about anybody: tickets for both the day-long event and the after-party were sold on Essex Fashion Week's website for around £50.00.

Check out the latest "Fashion Week" below.