04/09/2012 04:12 pm ET

Tidal Basin Paddleboat Incident Throws 3 People In Water

WASHINGTON -- Three people were thrown into the Tidal Basin trying to retrieve two paddleboats that became stuck on a bridge abutment during windy conditions at the popular tourist spot on Monday.

Nobody was seriously hurt, but one person working for the paddleboat rental company was transported to a hospital for observation. Initially, there were accounts that four people were in the water.

But according to WRC-TV/NBC4, it was actually three paddleboat rental employees in the water:

Two paddle boats each carrying two people became stuck against a bridge because of the wind. After paddle boat rental employees rescued the boaters and returned them to land, employees went back to retrieve the stuck boats. At that point the paddle boats apparently overturned and three employees went into the water.

Last fall, D.C. fire and rescue personnel rescued a deer that had fallen into the Tidal Basin.