04/10/2012 02:07 pm ET Updated Jun 10, 2012

Boston University Hazing Incident Shutters Its Alpha Epsilon Pi Chapter (UPDATE)

(BOSTON) -- The national board of Alpha Epsilon Pi has shut down its Boston University chapter, called Zeta Deuteron, after over a dozen members were charged with hazing this week.

Boston police found five college-aged males in the fraternity’s basement taped at the wrists, stripped naked and battered like Asian-fusion chicken wings.

Police responded to a complaint of loud music at 24 Ashford St. in Allston but found more when they saw the men covered in welts and bruises allegedly inflicted by members Alpha Epsilon Pi-- an unofficial Boston University fraternity.

Police say the men were covered with flour, honey, hot sauce, mustard and other condiments. None of them filed official charges against their alleged abusers or sought medical treatment.

In a statement, Alpha Epsilon Pi says it does not condone hazing of any type.

"The actions being reported at Boston University do not reflect our Fraternity’s values or principles of brotherhood," the statement says. "Any members found responsible for participating in any actions contrary to our risk management guidelines will be expelled. We also intend to fully cooperate with all authorities and investigations."

Boston police told WCVB-TV that the five looked terrified, and one shook his head, saying he wasn’t alright when officers asked.

According to a release from the Boston PD, all 14 suspects will face complaints of Hazing, Failure to Report Hazing and Assault & Battery. Police say three of the 14 suspects will also face complaints of Keeping a Disorderly House.Owners reported they have been having ongoing problems at the location with vandalism by the tenants.

With a notice provided to them by the BPD, owners will be seeking to have all the tenants evicted.

Boston University spokesperson Colin Riley told the Boston Globe that the unofficial fraternity is likely to face official actions from the university and appear before its judicial board that considers violations of the university’s code of conduct. Expulsion is possible.

“Just because it happened off campus, it doesn’t mean they’ll go unpunished,’’ Riley said. “There are alleged victims here who we care about, and hazing is illegal here inMassachusetts.’’

Riley also said the fraternity participated in a hazing incident involving a BU sorority in early March.

Then, three intoxicated female students were picked up from the street by first responders.Police believe women were forced to drink by older members of Sigma Delta Tau in a hazing ritual.

An email sent out on March 8 by Panhellenic Council President Marisa Feehan to sorority sisters announced SDT was no longer affiliated with BU or the Panhellenic Council.

AEPi board members and staff say in a release that each of its chapters will be reminded of its position on hazing. There are over 160 campus chapters.

Notable members of AEPi include musician Paul Simon, actor Gene Wilder and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.