04/10/2012 07:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Carles Puyol's Face Stapled In Middle Of Barcelona-Real Zaragoza Match (VIDEO)

To think, some people question the toughness of soccer players.

Those folks (understandably) perturbed by the gamesmanship of diving should probably watch this clip of Barcelona defender Carles Puyol before drawing any conclusions about the the grit of those who play the beautiful game. During Barcelona's win over Real Zaragoza on Saturday, Puyol picked up a knock that opened a cut on his face. Although he attempted to keep playing, he was eventually directed toward his bench by the referee. At that point, the 33-year-old Catalan quickly ran over to the sideline. Upon reaching the touchline, Puyol was looked at by the trainer, who then administered a metal staple to his face by way of what appears to be a some sort of sleek medical staple gun. With the wound clamped shut, Puyol bolted back into the fray.


That's right, he took a staple to his face and never even left the field.

Following Barca's 4-1 victory, Puyol told reporters that "it's just a shame that my stitch won't count for anything."

One thing that certainly counted was Puyol's goal in the first half that pulled Barcelona level after Zaragoza had taken a surprise (but deserved) lead.