04/10/2012 04:01 pm ET

'Hunger Games' Success: No. 1 Movie, Book, Album (VIDEO)

"Hunger Games" supporters will be happy know that the odds are certainly in their favor. That's because not only is "The Hunger Games" the number one film in America, but the film's soundtrack album and original book are at the top of the charts as well.

"The Hunger Games" soundtrack -- which features new songs from Taylor Swift and Arcade Fire, among others -- is the top-selling soundtrack, according to Billboard. "The Hunger Games" also tops the New York Times best-seller list for Children's Book Series.

To date, "The Hunger Games" has earned a ridiculous $463 million around the world, including $306 million here in the U.S.

To celebrate this windfall of "Hunger Games" mania, Lionsgate released a new special "trifecta" TV spot last week. HuffPost Entertainment missed this because we were seeing "The Hunger Games" again, but you can watch it above right now. Be warned: there are some spoilers from the film's third act. Not that you can be spoiled since you've seen the movie, read the book and listened to the soundtrack -- probably all three simultaneously -- over the last month.

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