04/10/2012 09:23 am ET

Jhasmani Campos Goal: Bolivian Soccer Star Freezes Defenders For Great Score (VIDEO)

Generally, when we talk about defenders having their "ankles broken" by a player with the ball, we're referring to basketball players like Steve Nash or Jamal Crawford or Chris Paul embarrassing their opponents. Not this time.

Bolivar midfielder Jhasmani Campos pulled off a sensational goal last week in a match against Real Mamore, freezing three different defenders in a slow but beautiful sequence. By the time that ball was in the back of the net, defenders were strewn about the penalty box.

Dribbling to the center of from the right side, the 23-year-old made his way toward the net first by faking out one defender twice, leaving him frozen and kneeling on his left knee. Then Campos pulled a move similar to what Michael Jordan did along the baseline to John Starks and Charles Oakley before lifting off for his iconic dunk over Patrick Ewing. Finally, while the first defender continued to stay still and watch, Campos sidestepped yet another hapless defender before rolling the ball into the goal.