04/10/2012 10:44 am ET Updated Apr 11, 2012

Judith Reese, Fan Celebrating Her 69th Birthday, Knocked Out By Foul Ball During Rockies' Season Opener (PHOTOS)

Talk about insult to injury. Judith Reese, Rockies fan and birthday girl celebrating her 69th, was not only forced to watch the Rockies get crushed by the San Francisco Giants, but also gets nailed in the head by a foul ball and carted out of the game in the fifth inning.

"My friend Kim and I have gone to opening day for years," Reese told 9News. And this year she was celebrating her birthday with great seats -- third row, behind the rail and down the third base line.

But in the fifth inning, the birthday celebrations came to a screeching halt when Rockies outfielder Michael Cuddyer hit a foul ball right along the third base line that went flying right into Reese's temple and knocked her out.

Cuddyer, who was making his Rockies debut at home, described the hit from what he saw from the field, "I saw the ball off my bat, saw the stands part ways and boom – saw it hit the head," CBS4 reported. "I hope (she) is all right and everything is well. It’s tough. That’s the scary part of this."

The game was delayed briefly as medical personnel attended to Reese who was carted off and eventually taken to Denver Health Medical Center where she was treated for a concussion and bruised head, according to 7News. Reese never did hear her birthday song at Coors Field that her friends arranged for her, but she has already been released by the hospital, is recovering and going to be okay.

"I want to thank the fans, the paramedics and the community for their instant support," Reese said in a statement released by Denver Health.

Listen to Reese's reaction to the hit above, via 9News.