04/10/2012 06:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

London Skyscraper 'The Shard' Scaled By Trespassers, Footage Posted Online (VIDEO)

Pictures posted online show a group of trespassers climbing to the top of Europe's tallest building, slipping past light security at "The Shard" skyscraper in London, England.

A series of images were posted on student Bradley L. Garrett's placehacking blog, allegedly showing a group of three men walking through the unfinished building and scaling a crane at the top.

The building stands 1016ft (310m) tall, making it the tallest in the European Union, and the 45th tallest in the world.

The excursion was reportedly the third time that Garrett and his associates had accessed the site. They waited until their final incursion, when the building was closer to completion and hence taller, to record footage and take photographs.

Writing on his blog, Garrett says that the group gained access to the site with relative ease, as only one security guard was monitoring the premises.

"One security guard looking after the Shard huh?” We chuckled. We waited for the guard to finish his current round and go into his hut. It took a few minutes of lingering before the walkway was clear of people – we grabbed onto the scaffolding pipes and swung off the bridge. Hanging on the freezing pipes, we pulled ourselves on top of the walkway and laid down out of view, waiting for a reaction in case anyone had seen or heard us. It didn’t seem so.

Garrett says that he and his two friends climbed onto the site at 2 am from a walkway at a nearby railway station before climbing the stairs to the 76th floor.

Scotland Yard said it had not received any complaints about the alleged break-in.

Climbing The Shard