04/10/2012 06:22 am ET Updated Apr 10, 2012

'Pawn Stars': Program From The First NFL Championship Game In 1932 (VIDEO)

It was certainly a significant piece of sports history, but would burn damage affect its value? That's what the "Pawn Stars" (Mon, 10 p.m. ET on History) needed to find out after shelling out $2,750 for a program from the 1932 NFL Championship Game. That was the last game played before the league split in two, so they knew it was special. But the damage was somewhat severe for a paper document, though most of it remained intact.

They took it to an expert, where they discovered that the damage certainly didn't matter in regards to whether or not they could earn a profit. After being told that it was "the holy grail of football programs" they were told it could easily fetch ten grand at auction.

Sports memorabilia is a robust market, and football remains the most popular sport in the nation. It's no surprise that such a significant piece of its past -- no matter the condition -- could still fetch top dollar.

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