04/11/2012 02:45 pm ET

Capitol Hemp's New Logo: 'Banned In DC'

WASHINGTON -- Capitol Hemp is banned in D.C. Buy some shirts and pins saying so.

Adam Eidinger, one of the hemp store's co-owners, tells The Huffington Post that Capitol Hemp's new "Banned in DC" logo -- based on the Bad Brains song of the same name -- will adorn pins and hemp shirts that will be sold in the hemp store's two retail locations until they close at the beginning of August pursuant to a deal with federal prosecutors.

They'll also be available online, past the retail stores' closing. Eidinger says that his agreement with the police only mandates closing down Capitol Hemp's physical locations, not the business in total. Capitol Hemp, Eidinger says, will live on as an online hemp clothing retailer, an internet "superstore for hemp clothing" that will "serve the whole country."

"We have orders for Christmas already in," Eidinger says. "Might as well put them online and sell them."

Eidinger says the possibility also exists that Capitol Hemp will hold onto its Adams Morgan location, perhaps turning it into a Cold War themed-nightclub, selling drinks in glowing radioactive glassware. In a nod to recent events, he is considering naming the place "Fallout Shelter."