04/11/2012 04:00 pm ET Updated Apr 11, 2012

'God Save Katrina Darling' Featuring Kate Middleton's Cousin Headed To TV? (PHOTOS)

Remember Kate Middleton's burlesque-dancing cousin? The one with the nipple tassels and the sexy "God Save The Queen" act?

In case you have forgotten (although really, how could you?), Darling is putting herself back on your radar. The 21-year-old Brit, who discovered just last year that she is a second cousin of Kate Middleton, is aiming to upgrade her burlesque act into a reality show. The New York Post reports that Darling is shopping a TV show that follows her across the U.S. as she takes her royal-themed burlesque show on tour.

The performer made her debut stateside just last month, when she stripped off layers of British regalia at basement nightclub W.I.P. The performance was publicized due to Darling's royal connections, although she told "Insider" she'd been doing her "God Save The Queen" act for at least a year and a half before discovering the family relation.

Hence the tease of the proposed TV show, seen in the trailer: "The cousin they never knew they had... will undress Mother England... and the royal family will be caught pants down." Clever, non?

It's not clear whether the show will actually get picked up and land on TV... but in the meantime, get a preview with this "fetching mischief maker" in the trailer (see it here) and the pics below.

Katrina Darling