04/11/2012 08:39 am ET

Jose Moran, Schaumburg Hair Stylist, Credited With Helping Save Elderly Client's Life (VIDEO)

A suburban Chicago hair stylist is being lauded as a lifesaver after he alerted police that one of his elderly patients, who never missed her weekly appointment without prior notice, did not show up to get her hair done one Friday.

Jose Moran, a long-time stylist at Schaumburg's Preferred Hair Salon, feared something was wrong when his client of nearly two decades -- Joan Ludovice, 82, of Hoffman Estates -- missed her 11 a.m. March 16 appointment, the Daily Herald reports.

After no one picked up the phone when Moran called Ludovice's home, he went to his client's home, where no one answered and he noticed two days of newspapers on her front stoop, according to the Herald.

Moran proceeded to call 911 and request a well-being check for Ludovice, who lives alone, Fox Chicago reports. When police arrived at Ludovice's home, they found her on the floor after suffering a mild heart attack and some strokes. She had been in that position since the previous evening, unable to move.

The Hoffman Estates Police Department will now honor Moran with an award for helping them come to the aid of Ludovice, who is now recovering, the Chicago Tribune reports.

"She's an awesome person, very funny," Moran told the Tribune of Ludovice. "Everybody here knows her, everyone here loves her."

Moran is also already back to doing Ludovice's hair and said he hopes to continue to do so for a long time to come, CBS Chicago reports.