04/11/2012 01:04 pm ET

Mika Brzezinski: Joe Scarborough Is 'Like A Gay Stylist'

Mika Brzezinski likened Joe Scarborough to "a gay stylist" in a new interview.

The New York Times magazine sat down with Brzezinski to discuss her role on "Morning Joe" and her family. The Times' Andrew Goldman said that he was "surprised" Scarborough accompanied her to the interview, as well as the photo shoot.

"Here’s the bottom line," Brzezinski told him. "And don’t you jump out of your chair. He’s a little bit like a gay stylist."

When asked to elaborate, she explained, "he has got a real side to him that knows style and look and color and hair. He’s amazing." She said that Scarborough's wife and her friends could back her up on that claim, and admitted that she herself "can’t dress" and has "a terrible eye."

Brzezinski also revealed that Scarborough gives her hair tips, saying, "he’ll tell me to put it down, because I always want to make it big." He reportedly interjected: "It's not the ’90s anymore!"



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