04/11/2012 08:54 am ET Updated Mar 27, 2013

Mutt Dog Photos: Mixed-Breed Dogs We Love

Mixed-breed dogs are beautiful and individual, as many pet owners can attest. According to the ASPCA, only 25% of dogs that enter animal shelters are purebred. While breed is important to some dog owners, there are lots of loveable mutts still in dire need of a home.

Fortunately, some adoption centers, like Mighty Mutts in New York, and SecondHand Mutts in Cleveland focus on finding a home for these orphaned animals.

Not only are mutts healthier than purebred dogs on average, but they can be a unique pet just for you. Some shelters or organizations, like the ASPCA, will even let you take an online assessment to find out which of their dogs would work best in your home!

To learn more about adopting a mixed-breed dog, visit a local shelter or check out Petfinder.com and the ASPCA website. Keep in mind that adopting a puppy -- whether a mutt or a purebred -- comes with a lot of care and responsibility. Not sure you want to make the commitment just yet? Consider fostering a dog. Or just enjoy the pictures below!