04/12/2012 03:18 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Room Decor Inspiration: 16 New Ways To Decorate With Pink (PHOTOS)

When it comes to choosing a paint color for your home, pink might seem like a girly choice. But while it can certainly make a room feel more feminine, the pretty hue can also have a surprising impact. From bubblegums that pop to blush tones that feel more refined, adding a splash of pink can instantly change a room’s mood, adding a touch of sophistication or a streak of drama, depending on your shade. The key is to find the perfect pink that best suits your design style.

If you’re looking to paint an entire room pink, we suggest going for a much softer hue. A pastel pink can look cheerful and bright without overpowering the space--in fact, it can make it look larger. And, while you may think a paler pink seems best-suited for a girl’s room, it can also create a light and airy effect in the living room.

For a colorful alternative to neutrals, opt for more muted blush tones. Beigy-pinks and peaches are more understated and elegant-looking than a brighter, powder pink. Plus, their warm undertones can make a room feel more inviting. And how's this for a bonus? Pink walls reflect light in a flattering way, which make any skin tone look more beautiful.

To make a room really pop, try shocking shades of pink or fuchsia. The bold colors pack some playful punch and look extra glamorous when used to paint a single wall. But remember, these are better used as an accent, not an all-over color. We suggest balancing them out with neutral accents. For example, try pairing corals with darker browns for a look that feels warm and rich without appearing too tropical. For a color combination that really stands out, try contrasting bright magenta with a softer, off-white.

Ready to get started? We’ve rounded up 16 ways to incorporate pink into your home. Just click through our slideshow below for more inspiration.