04/11/2012 09:48 pm ET

Tommy Thompson Backs Gov. Scott Walker

Tommy Thompson, Wisconsin's former GOP governor now campaigning for Senate, is putting his political clout behind the current governor, the embattled Republican Scott Walker.

Thompson, running against Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D) for the Senate job, sent an email Wednesday night to supporters, telling them to back Walker in the recall election sparked by Walker's controversial anti-collective bargaining law.

"Since the misguided recall election against Governor Scott Walker has formally begun, I am writing to urge you to do all you can to make sure we re-elect Governor Walker," Thompson says in the email.

"Governors are elected to make tough decisions, and Governor Walker has made plenty of them during a short time in office. Among other things, he had the courage to take on public spending, eliminating a $3.6 billion deficit without raising a penny in taxes. He should be applauded for his bold leadership, not recalled.

"So whether you're a campaign volunteer veteran, or new to the political scene, please get involved with Governor Walker's campaign. Make phone calls. Walk door to door. Donate. Do whatever you can to soundly defeat the recall election," he writes.

It's an interesting move, suggesting that Thompson thinks independents will swing Walker's way. Recent polls have found the highly polarizing governor in a dead heat with his Democratic challengers. Thompson's email guarantees inspiration for Walker-loathing Democrats to take out their revulsion on Thompson. But it also could win him GOP supporters who passionately back Walker.