04/11/2012 05:49 am ET

'True Life': Brittany Addicted To Sex, Says She Needs It 20-30 Times A Day (VIDEO)

MTV's latest foray into "True Life" (Tue., 11:30 p.m. ET on MTV) took a look at sex addiction. Brittany's addiction was so severe, her boyfriend Jameik asked for a day without sex for his birthday.

When she came clean to her mother about her addiction, Brittany said, "I like sex a lot. Like, all day, every day 20-30 times a day, if I can have it my way." That's more than a lot by anyone's standards; a nearly insatiable appetite.

The therapy seemed to have helped Brittany a little, though she told MTV in an interview after the show that she didn't think she needed therapy. Apparently, getting engaged to her boyfriend helped on its own. And for now, she feels her dancing is a good channel for that drive, though she concedes she may need therapy later in life if she doesn't slow down on her own.

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