04/12/2012 11:45 am ET

Alan Grayson Kicks Rick Santorum On The Way Out, Slams Stances On Sweater Vests, Social Issues

Former Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) gave Rick Santorum a kick in the backside on his way out of the GOP presidential primary Wednesday, writing an op-ed that seemed to take some delight in the demise of the former Pennsylvania senator's campaign.

"Personally, I think that sweater vests are a crime against Nature," Grayson, who is running to reclaim a Florida congressional seat, wrote. "If God had wanted us to garb our torso and our arms differently, then God would not have invented the seam. It was God who invented the seam, right? You will note that nowhere in the Bible are sweater vests mentioned."

While Grayson spared no effort in dismantling what he portrayed as Santorum's offensive wardrobe, he went on to say that it was Santorum's positions on social issues that most disturbed him.

"[T]hat boy is just wrong in the head," Grayson said, before going on to rattle off a number of Santorum's most controversial statements on issues such as religion and contraception. "If [he] thought that he were truly infallible, then maybe he should have run for a different elective office: Pope."

Grayson then turned on Santorum's congressional record, which he depicted as non-existent and proof that he wasn't ready to be president.

"Santorum never did nothing for nobody," Grayson wrote. "That's pathetic."

Grayson has challenged Santorum on his outspoken conservative social views before. During a flare-up over Santorum's stated plan to wage a war on pornography, Grayson shot back, telling him to mind his own business.

"Rick, if you're against pornography, don't watch it," Grayson said.