04/12/2012 08:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Blake Griffin Flop: Clippers Star Embellishes Contact With Kendrick Perkins (VIDEO)

After Blake Griffin appeared to flop to draw a foul call at a key moment in a recent Clippers-Kings game, DeMarcus Cousins took a verbal swipe at Blake Griffin, calling the Slam Dunk Contest champ an "actor" and saying "he's in L.A. where actors belong." Griffin shrugged off those comments at the time, but he may have added to the acting resume during Wednesday night's game against Oklahoma City.

After Chris Paul sunk what would be a game-winning layup in the final seconds, the dunking machine got tangled up with one of his signature dunk victims, Kendrick Perkins. As Griffin pulls himself away from Perkins -- while seemingly doing his best to draw a foul call -- his momentum caused him to hit himself in the face.

Griffin flailed his arms back to bring attention to the contact under the rim and then even left his feet to sell the flop. Although the refs didn't actually call a foul, ESPN's True Hoop still awarded Griffin with the "Flop Of The Night" (repeat winner).

The first-time All-Star has a growing reputation among players for embellishing even the slightest contact to get a foul called. Back in January, Lakers forward Matt Barnes also called Griffin out for flopping, noting that he doesn't understand why Griffin does it since he's an amazing athlete.

Following the Kings' loss last week, Cousins talked about the fifth foul he picked up when he swiped for the ball and appeared to miss completely. Yet, Griffin hesitated, looked over to where a referee was standing and pretended like he was hit in the eye.

"I guess the wind from my hand hit him in the eye," Cousins jeered after the game.

When asked about Cousins' comments, Griffin joked that he had heard about them from his acting coach. But judging from the video of Cousins' fifth foul, one might think he needs a better coach.