04/12/2012 10:49 am ET Updated Apr 12, 2012

'Community' Vs. Chevy Chase: Joel McHale Addresses Co-Star's Feud With Dan Harmon (VIDEO)

"Community" star Joel McHale said he hopes the feud between series creator Dan Harmon and co-star Chevy Chase will help the struggling series live to see another season.

While serving as co-host alongside Kelly Ripa on "Live! With Kelly" (weekdays on ABC), McHale joked that the public voicemail feud was "very comfortable."

"It was over voicemails, so there's been some awesome recorded messages from Chevy," McHale said. "And now people are like, 'Do you think they're true?' and as I've said before, we said it on 'The Soup,' it's impossible because there's no way Chevy could figure out voicemail.

"He hibernates for nine months out of the year and when you wake someone up, they're very disoriented and a lot of the time, [they] don't know what they're saying," McHale joked.

The voicemails have kept "Community" in the news, which could help the show's chances for renewal. "Community" was benched by NBC for three months, but returned to high numbers for NBC. The ratings have dipped since, but the show has been sold into syndication on Comedy Central, helping its renewal chances.

"We don't have the fourth season pick up, so if this somehow helps then yes, let's hope that happens," McHale said of the feud to a round of applause.

Ripa suggested Chase leave some messages for McHale to continue the news cycle.

"Come on you wuss, leave me a message," McHale said to the camera. "He will text me strange things. He'll just text the word 'poltergeist' and I'll just be like OK and I'll text him back 'group of penguins.'"