04/12/2012 11:07 am ET Updated Apr 25, 2012

Mark Wahlberg Shows Off Muscles In Miami Beach (VIDEO)

Marky Mark and his funky bunch -- his wife Rhea Durham and 4 kids -- frolicked on Miami Beach Easter Sunday. Watch the video above.

Wahlberg's shirtless torso is a reminder that he's in town filming a Michael Bay-directed movie about bodybuilding.

'Pain and Gain,' which also stars The Rock, Ed Harris, Ken Jeong, and Tony Shalhoub, is based on real life Miami Beach bodybuilders who headed a disastrous kidnapping and extortion ring in the 1990s. Read the original Miami New Times article here.

Wahlberg, 40, married Durham, 33, a model from Lakeland, Florida, in 2009. They have four children: Ella Rae, Michael, Brendan Joseph, and Grace Margaret.