04/12/2012 10:03 am ET

Purple Panda Scares Kids: Children Cry At Sight Of 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood' Character (VIDEO)

Sure, clowns have a bad reputation, but giant purple pandas might be equally as terrifying. Just ask these children at Pennsylvania's Center in the Woods.

In this video, kids obediently huddle around for a visit from Mr. McFeely, the deliveryman from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. But when Purple Panda waltzes into the room, chaos ensues.

The tots scatter throughout the room crying and screaming, horrified by the sight of the giant masked character.

To make matters worse, the pair stare and wave at the camera, uncertain about how to move forward.

The clip has received more than 720,000 views since it was first uploaded on April 9. And while the video might elicit a few laughs, here's to hoping the children aren't scarred for life.