04/12/2012 07:21 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Romney Campaign, RNC Fundraising Off Hilary Rosen Ann Romney Remark

Guess what pops up if you google "Hilary Rosen"?

The Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee have placed online ads on Google to show up whenever users around the U.S. plug the name of the now famous Democratic strategist into their search engines.

After Rosen declared Wednesday night on CNN that Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, "never worked a day in her life" because she was a stay at home mom to five boys, the debate over which party is more friendly to women raged all day Thursday.

The Romney campaign is placing ads on Google that just say, "Ann Romney," and link to a fundraising page that asks for donation from $10 up to $2,500, which is the maximum that individuals can give to a candidate in an election year under law.

Under Ann Romney's name, the ad says, "Stand with Mitt's better half. Donate to the campaign today."

The RNC has a few different versions of an ad running, which all link, like the Romney campaign ad, to a fundraising page. The RNC's page, however, has a video of the CNN segment in which Rosen made her remark about Ann Romney.

Next to the video, the text on the page reads: "Once again, President Obama and his fellow Democrats are making patently false accusations about a contrived 'war on women.' With each passing day, their hypocrisy becomes more and more outrageous. This desperate attempt to distract voters from their record of failure is not only cynical but also insulting to women across America."

"And now Democrats are attacking women who make a choice to stay at home and raise a family," the RNC web page says.

The text of the RNC ad on Google varies but has two basic messages. One is, "Democrats War vs Women," and in smaller print, "Stop The Democrats War vs Stay At Home Moms. Support the GOP Today!"

Another ad says, "Support GOP Women -- Show You Dont Agree w/Hilary Rosen," and says in smaller print, "Help RNC v.s. Obama's Ad War Chest - Support the RNC 45th President Fund."

The RNC, according to Politico, is also selling travel mugs that say, "MOMS DO WORK! VOTE GOP."

President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and two of the top advisers on the president's reelection campaign have denounced Rosen's remarks.