04/13/2012 05:14 pm ET

Ashley Madison Friday The 13th: Extramarital Dating Site Says Chats Spike On Friday The 13th

Friday the 13th may be a particularly unlucky day for wives, according to a recent report released by extramarital dating site

The controversial service, which discreetly matches spouses looking to cheat with new partners, analyzed the site's trends since 2009 and found that chat usage on the website triples on Friday the 13th.

Why do the numbers spike on Friday the 13th? "This 'unlucky' day does not stop but rather seems to excite and encourage people to throw caution to the wind," said Noel Biderman, CEO of "We specifically find the biggest increase in chats on this day amongst the married men seeking an affair with a single lady." users aren't just looking for sex, however. In 2011, two Redbook magazine reporters did an undercover investigation of the site and found that many male users craved an emotional connection, not just a physical one.

"We certainly expected the dirty stuff to come to the surface. The pornographic pictures that our reporter was sent and the straightforward sex come-ons," Redbook editor-in-chief Jill Herzig said on the "Today Show" in March 2011. "But it was the men looking for an emotional connection. They wanted the thrill of that new, sort of passing notes in the school stage of the relationship."