04/13/2012 04:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Best Weekend Ever: Send Us Photos Of Your Weekend Adventures

The following Gchat took place at our desks today:

Margaret: Who's doing something fun this weekend? Regale me.
Lori F.: I am!!!
Emma: What are you doing?
Lori F.: I'm having a cheese party
Margaret: A cheese party.
Lori F.: My boyfriend made it very clear that we can't call it a wine and cheese party. It's a cheese party. (Though there will be wine.)
Emma: Will there be brie? And photos of said brie?
Margaret: Why can't it be called a wine and cheese party?
(And will there be pictures of unsaid wine?)
Lori F.: Yes, obviously there will be pictures. I always take pictures of my food.
Margaret: Obviously.
Lori F.: You've seen them many times on Facebook.
Margaret: I never take pictures. Is that bad?
Emma: Since we don't spend enough time together during the week, it would be good to keep your co-workers abreast of your weekend adventures.
Lori F.: Emma, I can't believe you forgot that we all went to a movie like two weeks ago
Margaret: And are again this weekend.
Margaret: What am I supposed to make you aware of? That I am doing laundry and having an incredibly photogenic phone conversation with my mom?
Lori F.: Take a picture of your TV. You're obviously watching 'Girls.'
Margaret: If I'm taking photos of my TV, other people also have to take photos of their weekends. Even if they are not hosting cheese parties.
Emma: Agreed. Besides, if you use Instagram you'll look really hip even if you're cleaning your apartment.
Lori F.: True. It even made our office printer look stylish. But actually you shouldn't take a picture of your TV -- it's supposed to be beautiful outside. You should do something fun. (Not that TV isn't fun.)
Margaret: I am fun.
Lori F.: I need to go home -- er, cheese shopping.
Margaret: Wait. If I am being forced to photograph my weekend,
I suggest we ask other people do the same and send the photos to us.
Then we will have fun photos to look at Monday morning
and will be only mildly envious of the more interesting stuff other people are doing.
Except those people having cheese parties. I will be REALLY envious of those people.
Lori F.: Great, sounds like a plan. Readers, send us your pictures!
Margaret: And we will call it "Best Weekend Ever" even though that is sort of the name of another whole website
because theft is the best flattery
and also it is late Friday afternoon, and the brilliance is ebbing.
Lori F.: (I hope you guys don't mind that I stopped talking to you and am now just talking to our readers directly.)
Readers, what's your favorite cheese?
Margaret: You haven't noticed that I copy all of our chats and post them on the site, Lori?
Emma: So....what are you up to this weekend, Readers?

You get the drift. Even if you are not be dancing on tabletops, getting kicked out of bars or streaking in the park like life is one big Katy Perry song, even if all you have to photograph is your extremely fun TV, even if they go something like this Someecard:


we think that your weekends are worth sharing. Between now and Monday at 5pm EDT, email your pictures to women@huffingtonpost.com. Then next weekend do it again. We'll feature your photos in a slideshow here on Monday and at the beginning of every week!