04/13/2012 11:02 am ET

Colbert Wins War On Women (VIDEO)

On Thursday's show, Stephen Colbert mixed the latest GOP spins on the war on women with a healthy shot of Hilary Rosen foot-in-mouth liqueur, and served up a delicious takedown of everyone involved (except women of course).

For starters, there was Herman Cain's assertion that women favor Obama because they don't think about the issues the way men do. Then there was Romney's attempt to "flip the script" by saying that Obama's economic policy is the real war on women.

But none of that matters because Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen -- in what Colbert called "a cable news miracle" -- said mother of five Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life, giving the right all the ammunition it needs to not only win the war on women, but pretend they never fought in it.

As Colbert so succinctly put it, "You know what's actually never worked a day in its life? Attacking motherhood."

Check out the full clip above, and let us know if you think Colbert should make his Hilary Rosen remix available on iTunes.