04/15/2012 11:31 am ET

The Hardest-Working Towns In America: Report

With relatively few Americans in the workforce, those who do have a job are working harder than ever these days. But which city’s got its nose pressed hardest to the grindstone?

Turns out cities across the country are home to employees that work hard in a variety of ways such as working long hours, multiple jobs or sacrificing personal time, a recent study from PARADE magazine and Total Cereals has found. In an effort to “shine a spotlight” on just how hard Americans are working, they examined data from MRI, Claritas and the Bureau of Labor Statistics and found 25 of the hardest working towns in America.

Among them, Bloomington, Indiana is known for giving up the most free time to work, while Tuscaloosa, Alabama works the most hours in a week at 36.3.

But there’s a flip side to so much extra elbow grease. Corporations are now squeezing more and more out of fewer employees, driving down both wages and new hiring. Last year, S&P 500 companies made an average of $420,000 in revenue per employee even as inflation-adjusted wages fell by 2 percent.

Here are the 10 hardest-working towns in America, according to PARADE and Total Cereals:



Most Hardworking Cities