04/13/2012 08:55 pm ET Updated Apr 15, 2012

'Hunger Games' Wedding: Wedding And Event Institute Hosts 1st Annual Wedding Games Contest

When we heard about a couple of "Hunger Games"-themed wedding shoots last month, we were somewhat confused by the idea. Given that "The Hunger Games" are about bloody, to-the-death fights between teenagers, we wondered what exactly about the series screamed "romance."

But apparently "Hunger Games"-inspired weddings are becoming a trend. In fact, a contest, hosted by The Wedding and Event Institute, launched Friday, and is seeking the ultimate "Hunger Games"-themed wedding pin board.

The competition, created by Wedding And Event Institute owner and director Kylie Carlson, will seek out 12 aspiring wedding planners, stylists or designers who will compete -- via photo-sharing site Pinterest -- to produce a mood board for a fictitious couple who have requested a "Hunger Games"-inspired wedding.

Carlson told HuffPost Weddings that although the "The Hunger Games" are dark, the series' battles aren't the focus of the contest.

"People love things that are topical," she said. "As with any movie like this it always filters its way down to the wedding and event industry. At the end of the day, not unlike most movies of this ilk, there is a love story at the bottom of it all."

Carlson told HuffPost Weddings that the "The Hunger Games" wedding competition was created to challenge people to design something unusual and unique.

"One of the main jobs of a wedding planner, stylist or designer is to come up with concepts and designs based on the requirements of our clients, however unusual they might be," said Carlson. "Our own personal taste shouldn’t come into it. And this can sometimes be a challenge. As educators in the wedding and event industry, this is something we come against all the time."

The contest winner will receive a course at the Wedding and Event Institute and an iPad 2, among other prizes.

Guess we'll have to wait and see how a bloodbath can inspire a Big Day.