04/13/2012 11:13 am ET

No, I'm The Narrator

When I broke up with my boyfriend almost four years ago, he started a blog about me. This was a reversal of our entire relationship. I had always been the documenter, and he made guest appearances, or sometimes starred, in what I created.

When we first started dating, I posted photos of him on my blog. Friends of mine knew who he was long before they met him. Here we were in the laundromat, or on the roof of my building. Here was our first New Year's Eve kiss, and the first holiday party we threw together. I wrote an essay for a women's magazine about our early courtship. Weeks before we were supposed to move in together, I wrote a delighted post detailing how he had flown in and surprised me at a reading I was giving in Chicago, inviting his parents as well.

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