04/13/2012 10:51 am ET

'Lore': Dwayne Johnson Adds Yet Another Possible Project To Ledger

What's that saying? A rolling Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson gathers no moss? Must be. Per THR, Johnson is attached to star in "Lore," an adaptation of the graphic novel written by Ashley Wood and T.P. Louise.

"Lore" is being compared to "Men In Black," which is cool and all, but can we all talk about how busy The Rock is at the moment? Because dude's busy.

So, he's attached to "Lore," which is the ninth project that Johnson has been associated with in recent months -- and that's not even counting his completed work in "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" (out this summer) or his Wrestlemania appearance.

Deep breath: Johnson is attached to star in Brett Ratner's "Hercules," he's circling the graphic novel adaptation "Ciudad," as well as the armored-car robbery thriller "Empire State" with Liam Hemsworth. Then there are his sequels: "Fast Six" and "Fast Seven," which may happen soon, as well as "Journey 3" which may happen after that. There's also "Snitch," another action thriller, and "Pain and Gain," which Johnson is currently shooting for Michael Bay.

Suffice it to say, Johnson may or may not have time to breath in the next five years, let alone star in "Lore." But it's nice to have him attached.

[via THR]