04/13/2012 10:07 pm ET

'Tumblr Is For Magical People': Teen's Viral Blog Explaining Social Media

If you were to ask Laura, the 17-year-old behind the Tumblr account jamezmasjew.tumblr.com, to describe the different types of social media teens use, she would show you four animated GIFs she created and shared on Tumblr this month that got her over 200,000 re-blogs. And we'll admit it: As self-proclaimed Tumblr addicts, we got a laugh out of them here at HuffPost Teen. Check out her post in the below slideshow and share your thoughts in the comments. We want to know: What image would you use to describe Pinterest?

Another one of our favorite, LOL-worthy takes on social media describes the different channels not as GIFs -- but donuts. Check out the delicious, viral joke from Funny or Die here.