04/13/2012 09:31 am ET Updated Apr 13, 2012

TV Fashion: From 'Smash' To 'Scandal,' Best And Worst Dressed Of The Week Of April 6 To April 12 (PHOTOS)

Oh, "Smash" ... we waited so long for Uma Thurman's arrival as the new Marilyn, and that's all you give us? Bor-ing!

But the movie star wasn't the only fashion disappointment this week -- there was another over-the-top costume on "The Voice," an antebellum-era abomination on "GCB" and a serious style slight on a funny lady from "The Big C."

There were a few bright spots too, though, like a b---- in training in a sunny lemon yellow jacket, a new hotshot TV lawyer that's criminally handsome on "Scandal" and more.

Click through the gallery to see all our best and worst TV fashion picks of the week, then share your own in the comments.