04/13/2012 03:08 am ET Updated Apr 13, 2012

'Up All Night' Finale: Of Wedding Rings And Wedding Proposals, But Who Said Yes? (VIDEO)

"Up All Night" (Thu., 9:30 p.m. ET on NBC) came full circle for its first season finale. It opened with Reagan and Chris reminiscing back to when ... she proposed to him! As it turns out, Chris had been intending to propose to her at that very moment, but she abruptly turned the tables and got down on one knee.

When Reagan lost her ring, it started a series of events that lead to a recreation of that night. And just like the first time around, Reagan came oh so close to upstaging Chris again. When she saw him digging in his pocket, she realized what was happening and quickly put her own ring back away.

Just in time, she was suddenly hit with a flash mob, turning the re-proposal into a musical number that brought both the character and the actress to tears, as Christina Applegate revealed on her Twitter feed.

While "Up All Night" hasn't officially been renewed yet, it's prospects are considered very good.

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