04/15/2012 12:17 pm ET Updated Apr 15, 2012

Mike Wallace: Chris Wallace Remembers Father On 'Fox News Sunday' (VIDEO)

Just one week after famed broadcast journalist and "60 Minutes" icon Mike Wallace died, his son, Chris, who anchors Fox News' Sunday morning news program, paid tribute to him.

At the top of the show, Wallace first thanked viewers and friends for all their support. He thanked everyone for their letters, kind words, and warm wishes.

At the close of "Fox News Sunday," Wallace took the last several minutes to address the loss of his father. He replayed a 2005 interview he conducted with his father on the program. During that conversation, Wallace asked his father about his bold interview style and why he doesn't retire. At the end of the interview, his father told him that he loved him, and was very proud of him.

Following the clip, Wallace said there was "no crying in Sunday morning talk shows," but that there had been "lots of tears" over the past week "with lots of laughs and some wonderful stories." Wallace said that his father had become his "best friend" over the past two decades. While Wallace said he didn't "consciously" take up a career in broadcast journalism "because of him," the father-son duo experienced "such joy from sharing experiences with each other."

Wallace added that, throughout the week, he felt compelled to ask his father about what he thought about all the coverage of his life. "And then I stopped to remember he's not here. That is going to take some getting used to. I can't imagine life without him," Wallace said.

Mike Wallace passed away at the age on 93 last Sunday. His son released a statement on Monday saying that he "already miss[ed] him terribly." Throughout the week, broadcast's finest from Barbara Walters to Morley Safer and Steve Kroft remembered the famed interviewer.


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