04/15/2012 01:24 pm ET

TEEN POETRY: 'These Words That I Write'

This is a regular column featuring original poetry and fiction by and for teens, provided by Figment.com, an online community writing site for young people.

By Christopher Anderson

These words that I write capture a moment.

A snapshot in time, of a glimpse from my mind.

With colors and shading, a painter’s creating

An image to be explored with the eye.

With talent and skill, and the creator’s will,

A moment is captured with dye.

But upon the page, my world you can gauge,

By not what you see, but by what you read.

At the click of a button, that which you see,

Can be captured and stored digitally.

In the future retrieve, these memories,

By viewing them all on the screen.

But upon the page, my world is displayed,

Not by pixels in sync, but how you now think.

From lowest of A’s to the highest of C’s,

Tones can be made for the ear to be pleased.

Melodies and lyrics with tempo and beat,

A symphony of feeling you love to repeat.

But upon the page, my world is arranged,

by not what you hear, but which words do appear.

So as you read, look past what you see,

To the affects that happen inside.

Deeper than feeling, masterfully revealing,

My thoughts no longer I hide.

What I see, feel, and breathe, I do not keep pent.

For these words that I write capture a moment.