04/16/2012 01:30 pm ET Updated Apr 16, 2012

7-Eleven St. Marks Place Update And Lakeside Lounge Closing

7-Eleven's plans to expand and subsequently destroy the city with 14 stores in 2012 is in full gear and their latest storefront has officially landed on St. Marks Place.

As the East Village watches the inevitable Slurpee takeover, documenting everything from the store sign's arrival to anxiously counting down the store's opening at the end of April, locals are speaking out.

Richie Livan of nearby Anthony Aiden Opticians defiantly told The Daily News, "Our whole idea was keeping out big business. We got rid of The Gap 15 years ago; we can get rid of 7-Eleven."

The chain recently unveiled new plans to ramp up their New York presence with 20 locations a year for the next five years, even as local bodega owners voice concerns over competition.

One bodega owner said, "It's definitely going to affect my business and I'm trying to separate from what they've been carrying. And [we're trying] to minimize the groceries, where [7-Eleven] is strong. I cannot compete with them price-wise," he told the News. "So I try to minimize the impact."

The end of April will also bring the end to beloved watering hole Lakeside Lounge on Avenue B, known for their legendary, blues-packed jukebox frequented by music lovers, including Van Morrison.

Owner of the bar's classic photo booth was distraught by the news:

I own the photobooth at Lakeside Lounge and am saddened as any of you by the news of its closing. I'm going to try and find a place for it right here in the East Village though so that everyone can continue to enjoy it. I've lived on e 12th Street since 1978 and I'd really like to keep the booth in the neighborhood. In the meantime though, come on down, the bar is open until the end of the month and the photobooth is ready and waiting to take your picture!

Watch below as 7-Eleven's St. Marks location installs their glowing sign: